Green 300L/Blue 400L Compost Tumbler Assembly Instructions

Rapid compost tumber.

Rapid Compost Tumbler Green 300L &
Blue 400L Assembly Instructions

  1. Insert axle assembly ensuring one washer is on each side of the compost barrel.
  2. Thread 10mm hex nuts fully on to each end of the three mixing rods. 
  3. Place a 21mm washer on each end of the rods. Rapid compost tumbers - perfect to make your own compost.
  4. Insert rods into plastic barrel from the inside ensuring the ends of the rods with the longer threads are all at the same end of the tumbler. 
  5. Place a 21mm washer and dome nut on the end of the rod with the short thread and tighten dome nut. 
  6. Tighten the inside nuts on this end of the tumbler. 
  7. Place the barrel on its end with the protruding long thread upwards.
  8. Position the hand wheel over the three mixing rods. 
  9. Place 21mm washers and dome nuts on the end of the rods and tighten dome nuts. 
  10. Tighten inner nuts.
  11. Bolt latches on to lid with 5mm x 14mm bolts, 12mm washers and 5mm nuts. 
  12. Bolt clasps on to compost barrel with 5mm x 14mm bolts, 12mm washers and 5mm nuts.
  13. Ensure latches and clasps are straight by tapping with a hammer then fully tighten.
  14. Insert ā€œUā€ shaped legs by turning your Compost Tumbler upside down and pushing the crimped section into the two ā€œAā€ frames.

You are now ready to start composting!

If you have any difficulty understanding these instructions please do not hesitate to call our customer service hotline 03 52291991 on 0419583386 and we will be happy to provide assistance.

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