GreenWell Tree Surround


GreenWell Tree Surround

Our GreenWell Tree Surround will ensure that your trees, plants and vegetables grow fast, healthy and protected ie. well watered and fertilized.

We have 2 sizes and 3 colours for you to choose from – perfect to suit any garden.

Order yours today and look after
your trees, plants and vegetables!

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Here are 12 advantages of using a Tree Surround for your trees, plants and vegetables:

  • concentrate water to the roots,
  • keep grass away,
  • direct any compost or fertiliser where it needs to be,
  • hold in place your mulch, compost or fertiliser where you put it,
  • work with new or existing trees, plants or vegetables,
  • promote faster growth,
  • keep your garden looking neat and tidy.
  • easily repositioned,
  • reduces bird scatter of mulch, compost, fertilizer,
  • holds up to 50 litres of water in large tree surround size and 26 litres of water in the medium size,
  • eliminates water run-off on sloping grounds,
  • will work on flat ground or sloping ground.

We have 2 sizes:

LARGE :                                                                                   MEDIUM:

Top Diameter: 600 mm                                                        430 mm
Bottom Diameter: 670 mm                                                  495 mm
Height: 250 mm                                                                      190 mm

Colours: Heritage Green, Terracotta and Black

Sizes: Medium, Large

Material recycled UV stabilized plastic product.

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Medium, Large


Black, Green, Terracotta