Care For Your Lawn, Plants & Flowers
with our garden products you simply must have!

Rapid compost tumblers, lawn aerators, lawn rollers

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Garden tools you must have
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Here’s what and why they are the
garden tools you simply must have!

The 5 garden tools you must have, are (in no particular order): compost tumblers, lawn aerators, lawn rollers, pet poo composters and tree surrounds. Australian designed and made, they will keep your lawn, plants and flowers in excellent condition.

  1. Rapid Compost Tumbler makes it very easy to make your own compost. The tumbler comes with a frame that allows wheelbarrow access underneath.
  2. Rapid Water-Filled Lawn Aerator is perfect for aerating your lawn. It consists of a 60L water fillable barrel with spikes.
  3. Rapid Water-Filled Lawn Roller is great for levelling your yard. It comes with either a 60L or a 100L water fillable tank.
  4. Rapid Pet Poo Composter has a sturdy plastic cover for in ground use with hungry worms and compostable collection bags.
  5. Greenwell tree surround holds and directs water, compost or fertilizer to your tree roots.

Rapid Compost Tumbler

Using your food scraps and garden waste, you can use our Rapid Compost Tumbler to make nutrient-rich compost for your garden in as little as 2 weeks.

It’s quick, clean and neat, easy to use, durable, proven, and a recycling solution.

Find out how to Make Your Own Compost.

Rapid compost tumbler

Water-Filled Lawn Aerator

You can use our Rapid Water-Filled Lawn Aerator to create holes in your soil to allow easy absorption of nutrients, water and oxygen in your lawn. F

Find out more with our article: Lawn Aeration Benefits.

Water-filled lawn aerators

Pet Poo Composter

Did you know that you can turn your pet’s poo into eco-friendly fertilizer for your flowers, trees, plants,…?

So, instead of throwing your pet’s poo into the rubbish, put it to good use in your garden.

Find out how to compost your pet’s waste.

Pet poo composter

Greenwell Tree Surround

Our Greenwell Tree Surrounds are the ideal way to make sure that water and fertilizer added around your trees stay there and do not get washed away.

Our Tree Surrounds can also be used for vegetables.

Greenswell tree surround

Our Garden Products Are Just Better Than Other Brands!

Australian designed and owned for over 30 years, our gardening products are characterized by quality, durability and functionality.

The plastic barrels are manufactured from UV-resistant polyethylene, providing years of durability in the Australian elements.

Australian made.