Cottage Green 60L/100L Lawn Roller Instructions

Rapid lawn aerators

Cottage Green 60L/100L Lawn Roller Assembly Instructions

  1. Screw M8 nut on to spike.
  2. Place 5/16” x 1” washer over spike, screw into aerator barrel and tighten nut. (Do not over tighten.)
  3. Rapid lawn roller. Perfect to level your lawn.With Aerator in horizontal position, turn until the screw in bung is at the top.
  4. Fill approximately two-thirds with water.
  5. Always wear suitable protective footwear when using Roller.
  6. Keep a safe distance from other people when using Roller.
  7. Hold handle firmly and pull Roller (Do not push).
  8. On slopes, roll from side to side for better control.
  9. Never roll on hard surfaces.
  10. Remove water after use and store safely.

Note: Designed for use by adults only.
Rapid Results for Garden and Lawn accepts no liability for any damage or injury occurring from the use of this product.

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